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 Holistic Pulsing


  • Holistic Pulsing was developed over 30 years ago by Tovi Browning N.D., D.O. a graduate Naturopath & Osteopath of the British College of Naturopath and Osteopathy. 

  • Holistic Pulsing is a movement-based, passive method that includes rocking, stretching, jiggling, lifting, shaking, and rotating that creates waves throughout the body, impacting the organs, joints & muscles.

  • The rhythmic rocking sends ripples flowing through the whole body enlivening the system on all levels.

  • The Central Nervous System responds to pleasure rather than pain, so the gentle, hypnotic rocking motion percolates through, relaxing the whole body completely.

  • The rocking rate used is close to the foetal heartbeat, between 120 to 160 beats a minute. This creates a safety that enables the body to relax and release. 

  • Based on the principles of life:  Rhythm and Water, it connects you to your inner self and as you fall into a state of relaxation, you heal through pleasure instead of pain.​


  • As you lay on a massage table, fully dressed, a constant rhythmic motion is applied to different parts of the body. 

  • A session usually lasts about one hour 

  • Our body is approximately 70% water and the rhythmic rocking sends ripples flowing through the whole body, enlivening and balancing it.

  • The feminine principles of softness, gentleness and nurturing are incorporated making this an excellent therapy that assists us to release past and present emotional and physical trauma from the body.

  • In this place of deep relaxation, the body will start to release, open and expand.

  • You will have awareness around where you are holding on to tension on a physical and emotional level 

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  • Holistic pulsing has a number of benefits, going far beyond general relaxation.

  • The practice is especially useful for those that have suffered from trauma due to its gentle, nurturing movements.

  • It stimulates the body’s immune fluids and addresses physical and emotional blockages.

  • The practice is easy to learn and can be applied in a variety of situations and for varying lengths of time.

  •  It's extremely useful for parents to learn and use with young children during night terrors, fevers, and a variety of other emotional disturbances.

  •  The therapist will also enjoy the benefits they gain from the method, reversing burnout through physical movements.

  •  It generates a feeling of self-acceptance and breeds closeness between practitioner and client.

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